Sunday, January 3, 2010

Silver Sunday ~ January 3rd

I decided to join the Gypsy Fish Journal's Silver Sunday by sharing photos of my little collection of silver goodies. You can also see Silver Sunday goodies at French Lique.

For several years when I lived in Michigan, there was a tray of silver items that sat in my hallway. When I moved, I packed them away, and I had not been enjoying them for some time. This year, I decided to get out my silver bits and put together a little group to use as a table decoration during the holidays.

I hope everyone has a relaxing & enjoyable Sunday, the first one of the year! We are snowed in up here in Maine, so it will be a snow day -- that is, a slow day -- of reading, watching The West Wing on DVD, and drinking hot cocoa.

[Pictured: belt buckle, creamer, tiny spoon, match safe, Art Deco cigarette case, lipstick holder with flip-up mirror, seafood fork, and the best treasure: an Art Nouveau chatelaine. Everything is antique or vintage, except maybe the creamer. I can't remember where that came from.]