Friday, November 12, 2010

My obsession with clocks ~ November 12, 2010

I have a confession: I'm obsessed with clocks! Not the kind you keep on your bedside table -- big, old clocks with character like the one pictured here. It all started two weeks ago when I went to Biddeford (Maine) to take a tour of an old mill building that's been turned into apartments. This clock is right down the street. It was removed several years ago from the top of an old (mill?) building and now sits behind a fence. That's why the photo is a bit cut off on the sides -- because I had to stick my camera through the fence railings to take the picture.

Anyway, I actually took this photo about 3 years ago. But when I saw it again in October, and then toured the mill building, it stirred up an intense passion for industrial decor -- and these huge old clocks! I'm going to get a print of this clock photo and maybe even frame it. In the meantime, I am heading out soon to scout for more big old clocks! And soon I'll be posting more about industrial decor items. I truly am obsessed!

Update: I just found this YouTube video (no sound) that shows the clock being removed from a tower. It evidently did come from one of the many old mill buildings in Biddeford.