Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I’m dreaming about on a Friday afternoon… ~ March 25th

The calendar says spring, but in Maine, I’m sorry to say, it still feels just like winter. But spring is coming – I’m sure it will be here soon, in fact – and so my thoughts are drifting to warmer days, more chances to get outdoors, and the fresh start of a new season.

Here are just a few of the things I’m dreaming about today:

Still all excited that I got to see the super moon from the Coast of Maine last Saturday.

Looking forward to many walks on my favorite beach in the very near future.

I'm definitely feeling at a crossroads in my life. I think I need to send myself this note card: Hecate - Goddess of Crossroads -

I’m planning to move soon, and I have not begun searching yet for the exact right apartment, but I dream of a loft done up in industrial décor. Wouldn’t these fit right in?

East Side, West Side poster

Industrial Art Deco bookend

Art Deco luncheon set

Red and white diner chairs

You know, I love interior decorating, and I’ve been wanting to post about it for a while now. The problem is I don’t know what to use for images. I refuse to steal photos – which is what many bloggers seem to do. I think that I’ll have to gather together all of the vintage things I own that have a bit of an industrial flavor and do my own photo styling. Stay tuned for that! First up is a big spring cleaning and decluttering project at home. Once I whip my current place into shape, I’ll see what I can do about creating a post or two that shows the kind of interior I like.

How about you? What are you dreaming about today?