Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beachin' it!

This has been one rainy summer in New England! But yesterday the sun shone brightly and temps rose into the 80's, making it the perfect day for a trip to the beach. My favorite spot by the sea is Reid State Park, so I headed up there and enjoyed 4 fabulous hours wading through the waves, reading in the sun, and listening to the children splashing and laughing all around me. My photos from yesterday did not turn out very well, so I went into my picture files and found these images so you could share some of the tremendous beauty of this special place. (Click on each photo for a better view.) I've been going to Reid all my life, and it never ceases to delight me! I feel very lucky to be living close to such an ideal place. Hope wherever you are, you're enjoying some relaxing time this season!