Saturday, September 3, 2011

Seaside Saturday: After the Storm ~ September 3rd

Tuesday I headed up the Coast to see how my favorite oceanside park fared in Hurricane Irene and hoping to see some bigger-than-usual waves. Everything was in good shape at the park. There was a lot of debris on the beach, and a few trees had come down, but it was an absolutely beautiful day and a great time to be at the Maine Coast. Here's a little pictorial tour for Seaside Saturday... please click on each image for a better view.

The waves were really crashing -- I just love that sound. I really want to tape it sometime. It would be the best sound to meditate or fall asleep to.

[25 seconds of crashing waves]

Everywhere I looked, I saw brilliant shades of blue.

This bright spot caught my eye so I went to investigate. It turned out to be a float that had washed up during the storm.

I was surprised to see such a big pile of debris near the stairs to Mile Beach. I wonder if the parks personnel raked the beach and left it there, or if it collected naturally. I think they must have raked the beach.

One thing I really enjoy about walking the beach is noticing all of the patterns that Mother Nature creates.

This colorful seaweed was begging to be photographed.

I noticed a multitude of footprints in the sand, including this tiny child's print.

People got very creative, building several little structures out of driftwood.

I love this huge piece of driftwood -- it's like an organic sculpture.

Hopefully, Tuesday wasn't the last time this year that I'll be walking through the waves.

I doubt it! In fact, I will likely be able to dabble my toes in the ocean a few more times this season.

I hope you get to walk on your favorite beach this Seaside Saturday!