Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seaside Saturday

Last Saturday night, after returning from the Maine Coast, I posed one picture. That was sort of a tease, wasn't it? Well, today I'm posting a whole series of images from my afternoon last Saturday at my favorite coastal park. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Sailboats on the sea.

Sailboats in the distance, tidal pool in foreground.

A gull gets the best view.

Huge ferns thanks to our rainy spring, I think.

Swimmers in the lagoon at twilight.

Why I love this park: Rocks, ocean, pines.
Also beaches (not shown in above photo).

The reason we are The Pine Tree State.

Last swim of the day.

I love this little scene with the worn wooden fence
and the path to the beach.

Another view of the fence and beach grasses.

The glorious water!

Setting sun reflected in the lapping waves.

Strollers on Mile Beach.

The water is so very clear and lovely.

What I call beach debris. I love all of the textures!

Close-up of driftwood log.

More interesting textures.

Another shot of texture: feather on top of seaweed.

This one's all about the sky!

As I was leaving the park, I was treated to one last surprise: 2 deer crossing the road!
It happened so fast, I shot right through the car windshield.

There he goes, following his friend.

The last shot of the day, taken at a little marshy area with pond
just down the road from the park.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos of the Coast of Maine. Better yet, I hope you get to experience them yourself  -- if not today, someday soon!