Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, Cookie!

Welcome to Christmas 2013...

Above are some of the wonderful cookies my friend Patty sends me every year.

Shown below is my little pink Christmas tree. I just love it! It's decorated with a mix of new & vintage baubles.

Every year, the Three Wise Men come callin'.

This is a wood block created by my talented dad. That would have been in the 60's.

Here's a picture of me, also from the 60's. Can you see the neat wrapping my dad created out of shiny paper? See the 2 silhouettes he cut out for the packages on the floor? And my name spelled out on the bigger package. I was Bethie back then.

This is me now at the beautiful Victoria Mansion in Portland, Maine. You can't see my lapel, but I'm wearing 2 of my vintage Christmas pins. I've got about a dozen, and I love getting them out at this time of year.

I had wanted to do a post on the Christmas windows I saw while in NYC last month. Here's Macy's, still under construction apparently.

ABC Carpet and Home always has gorgeous displays! Here's a sample of their holiday decorations this year. I guess there is still time for me to do a post on displays. I'll try to get that done before the end of the year.

Well, folks, whatever you've got planned for the 25th, I hope you have a very lovely day, whether you're with family and friends or simply enjoying some quiet time. Merry Christmas to all!!