Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year circa 1910

This is a sweet vintage postcard from more than a century ago. It is much cuter than my photos suggest, but hopefully, you can get the idea.

The postcard is addressed to Miss Nellie Knickerbocker, Lenoxville, Pa. And the postmark bears the date of January 4, 1910.

The message on the back intrigues me. Here's what it says:

Nellie, will you please be so kind and send that telescope (satchel) on the next stage and we will pay the charges.

Attend to it at once as we would like to use. Send it to Papa - to Clifford.

Lovingly, Kate.

So who are Kate and Nellie? Sisters, perhaps? And why is it postmarked Lenoxville if it was being mailed to Lenoxville? (If they lived in the same town, presumably nothing would need to be sent by stage.)

I guess we will never know...