Thursday, June 25, 2009

Funky Friday revisits the past

Anyone who reads my log on any kind of a regular basis knows that I like to do a post called Funky Friday. This week, I'm posting a picture that looks old but isn't -- although the subject matter is. I found a site online ( that allowed me to instantly "age" a photo. Here's an example. This picture was taken in Stow, Maine, about a year or so ago. The building is called Brickett House. It is a 19th-century historic brick farmhouse, and it's located right near the Maine-NH border, at the entrance to Evans Notch. I've never been inside, although it is open to visitors during the summer months. I'm heading over to Evans Notch on Saturday, so there will undoubtedly be more photos of that area to follow soon. For now, please enjoy this photo, whose aged appearance certainly qualifies it as funky. Have a fun Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Blue skies... smiling at me...

It's been a very dreary month here in Maine. We've had about 7 inches of rain and just a handful of sunny days. You can imagine how wonderful it was, then, to see blue skies and sun today! I was out and about running errands when I noticed the cirrus clouds in the sky. I remembered them as being called mares' tails, and sure enough, an online check shows that is the colloquial term for them.

Tomorrow the rain returns, but I'm going to post these pictures to help remind me that we really did have some fine summer weather today. Here's hoping it returns to us very soon!