Friday, October 2, 2009

Funky Friday ~ October 2nd

I've borrowed a friend's Nikon and am practicing with it so I can take photos at her wedding reception on October 11th. The other day, I took the camera with me to the local Audubon Center. Just as I was leaving, I spotted 4 wild turkeys as they made their way across the parking lot and into the woods. I think turkeys qualify as funky!

Earlier, I took a nice, relaxing walk through the woods and fields. The center used to be a private farm, and the land borders the Presumpscott River.

There were signs of fall everywhere, from crimson leaves...

... to apples on the trees.

The fading light bathed the marsh in a golden yellow glow.

As the sun set, I prepared to drive home...

...happy in the knowledge that the Audubon Center will be there, just down the road, whenever I am ready to go back and explore it again.

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