Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day, 2009

Today, I am saluting all those in the military and the hard work they do! I also appreciate President Obama and am proud to have him leading our country. Feeling very thankful to be an American!


Silke said...

I've always loved that photo of yours! And so beautiful for today!!

Have you seen all the comments about the cookbook? Check out, a blog by a fellow German in Georgia. She has the German/Viennese cookbook in the series! If you ever find that, reserve it for me, ok?!?

Love, Silke

Beth said...

I will keep my eye out for you!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Hi Beth! We're headed up to Indiana to pick up chairs today. I'm so excited! I love crazy road trips. Thanks again for telling me about this auction. I'll do an Elkhart post when I return, and will definitely be linking to you :). I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving (I think Maine would be a wonderful place to spend the holiday season). Talk to you soon!

Dixie said...

Hi Beth... I'm glad you stopped by French Lique, Texas earlier this week. Thanks for visiting, commenting, following and/or blogging about my 300th post giveaway! Good Luck!

Blessing. Dixie