Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fiction Friday: an ultra-short story called Late for Dinner

I'm back with another Fiction Friday post. This is the time and place where I post my short fiction. Today's story falls into the realm of flash fiction, also known as short short stories and sudden fiction. This type of story is typically less than 1,000 words and often much shorter.  And if you've ever thought about writing fiction, consider this format. It's not nearly as overwhelming as writing a "regular" short story or, God forbid, a novel. Short fiction is the ideal format for a copwriter like me, since I'm used to writing very concise pieces that need to fit a certain space.

I hope you enjoy today's Fiction Friday post!

Late for Dinner
It’s time to go, Ned said.

I’m almost ready, Anne replied, straightening her skirt. I just have to grab my purse.

Anne knew that Ned was annoyed. They were due at his boss’s house for dinner in 35 minutes, and the ride to Evanston took at least half an hour. Ned hated tardiness, and the idea of arriving late to Theodore Gregson’s home for this important business dinner was unthinkable.

Oh, here it is, Anne said, spotting her black suede purse on the chair. As she reached for it, she felt a run in her pantyhose creep up the back of her leg.

Damn! she thought. I should have worn pants.