Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm a winner!

I've been on a bit of a lucky streak lately. First, I won a really nice tote bag from MaidenJane. She teamed up with Jami from Embroidery by Everything Personal and issued a challenge to help them dump the frump. (Read more about it here.) To enter, a person had to create a Pinterest board with wardrobe suggestions to help these two ladies dress a bit more stylishly. It was my first Pinterest contest (but not my last; more about that in a moment), and I had a ball pinning fashion ideas for Jane and Jami. This is my board. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had been chosen the winner! My prize was a wonderful tote bag sewn by Jane and embroidered with my initials by Jamie. Isn't it nice?

So far, I've been saving it -- can't bear the thought of getting it dirty! But you can be sure this baby will be with me as I travel the Maine Coast this summer. If you'd like a really well-made tote for your summer adventures, visit MaidenJane on Etsy. Along with fabric totes, you'll also find T-shirt quilts, classic aprons, headbands, bandanas, and more. And for any type of embroidery, be sure to check out Embroidery by Everything Personal.

My next win was a pair of tickets to see the movie The Big Miracle at a local theater. Since I rarely go to the movies, that was a treat! I have my favorite radio station, WCLZ-FM, to thank for the tickets.

Then finally I won another Pinterest contest. This one was given by Homesav and was called Den Dwelling. The challenge was to pin images that related to Den Dwelling. (Homesav, I believe, is a Canadian company. In the US, we refer to it as a living room rather than a den.) Again, I had a really good time creating my board. In fact, I sometimes think in another life I might be an interior designer! Anyway, here's my Den Dwelling board if you want to take a look. The prize was a very lovely glass chip and dip set which arrived just the other day.

So those were my 3 experiences with being a winner! But you know -- there's a new lottery game in New England, and I'm thinking maybe, just maybe ...


Jane Skoch said...

Perhaps it's the luck of the Irish!?! You are one lucky gal. Thanks so much for the kind words about my bags and the embroidery from my friend at EPEmbroidery looks beautiful! I hope the bag joins you on many adventures along the Maine coast....wish I could join you!

Beth said...

Jane, I actually AM Irish so you may be right! Whatever it is that's caused this lucky streak, I appreciate it! And I appreciate the work that you & Jami put into that beautiful bag. I'll really enjoy using it.