Saturday, April 4, 2009

My latest project

I'm getting creative with felt! I was inspired by a pin that I saw on Etsy. On Thursday, I stopped by JoAnn Fabrices to pick up some felt and a pair of pinking scissors, and then last night, I got going. What fun! The only one that is sewn together is the heart with rhinestone button. I had originally planned to add a pin to the back, but I'm kind of liking being able to set this little heart on a tabletop.


Silke said...

Oh, Beth, these are too cute! I didn't know you were working with felt. What a great idea! They look great!! :-) Silke

Beth said...

I'm branching out! First paper/collage, then I added painting, now felt! :]

Silke said...

Comcast e-mail has been down all day and it's been strange having internet but not e-mail. Looks like you are having fun today!! :-) Silke