Friday, May 20, 2011

Gray weather pictures & collage charms ~ May 20th

It's been a full week of gray, rainy, foggy weather here in Maine. But luckily, if we look closely, we can always find plenty of beautiful sights to see around us. I took my camera with me a couple of days this week as I did errands in Falmouth and went to my favorite coffee shop in Portland. Come along and see what I found to photograph...

This is a lovely magnolia tree that grows alongside the Falmouth Memorial Library. I took these photos last Saturday when I went to the library for our monthly mixed media group.

I returned to the library Wednesday (can you tell I use the library a lot?) and captured this red bush (species unknown) and some clover, all covered with drops of moisture. It's not so easy to photograph in the rain, but it's not impossible either.

(You can click on each of the photos for a better view, BTW.)

Heading into Portland on Wednesday, I passed the Eastern Cemetery and knew I just had to stop to snap a few shots of this old burial ground in the fog.

I love the moodiness of foggy day photos.

Lots of creative energy shifting going on with me this week, which has been fun! I made my first collage charms, and I'm so excited about making some more of them and possibly incorporating my photographs. Here are my first 2 little charms:

So despite the gloomy weather, I've been making the best of things -- and making some arts & crafts -- so it's been a good week! The sun is supposed to make an appearance this weekend, which will be a nice change. I wish all of my readers a very happy weekend!

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Inchwormart said...

Hi, your photographs of the old graveyard are stunning. I found your blog through a common interest in our movie profiles...Firelight. It's fun to see what else I have in common with someone based on just one's often there are several other common interests. I haven't been to Maine. I live in southern NJ between Philly and Atlantic City. It is very dreary here too...I want some sunshine. We visit Block Island every year for vacation. That is as far north as I usually get. Happy day to you. Kathy