Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My first time selling at Art in the Park ~ August 16th

Saturday I participated in my first outdoor art show. I shared a booth with my friend Rita, a talented artist. (You can learn more about her and see some of her work at her brand-new blog.)

Beth (left) & Rita in front of Booth #185

 The shot above shows my side of the booth with my little table of goodies. That's my grandmother's tablecloth (circa 1930's - can you believe it?)

This is another shot of my side, but it's a bit hard to see since the booth behind it shows through. (You can click on any of these images to get a better look.)

I offered small photo magnets for the first time ever.

I also had framed photos and hanging pieces that a friend of mine soldered between pieces of glass. I just love the soldered pieces! Thanks, Jen!

This is a framed photo called White Boat (how original. Not. ☺)

This shot shows the entire booth.

This is one of my favorite pieces, a photo of Fort Pulaski in Savannah to which Jen added 3 vintage handmade nails.

Above is a picture I took at home, but it's easier to see the piece. This photo is called Doorway to the Past.

We were right near the kids' art tent, which was fun, and under a shady tree, which was a godsend.

The show was held at Millcreek Park in South Portland, Maine. It's really quite a lovely spot.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of my friend, Lori. One of the best parts of the day was her visit. She drove all the way from Massachusetts to visit me and the art show. Thanks, Lori!!

It was a good day, and a bit of an adventure. Will I do it again? The jury's still out. But I do know I'm glad I was part of the 2011 Art in the Park experience. Big thanks to Rita for participating with me!


ink and aquarelle said...

Love your photos of your photos and of your booth. Love that you used your grandmother's tablecloth and that you had a table of goodies. It was so welcoming. The combination of your photos and Jen's work~terrific. Do it again? Good question. A lot of work went into the whole affair! But wasn't it fun!

Silke said...

What a great set of photos of what looked a great day!! Your photos look fantastic!! I'm glad it all went well and that you and Rita had a great time!! Hugs, Silke

Jessica said...

Congrats on your first show! What a lovely spot to have it too :)