Sunday, July 26, 2009

Photo pairs: the experiment continues

(Please click on photos for a bigger view.)
I asked my good friend Silke at Metamorphosis to help me with this posting. I was inspired by Neville at Sainte Verde Digest to try pairing photos -- one of Silke's with one of mine. (Hers are on the left, and mine are on the right.) Pairing photos is harder than it looks! Neville makes it look so easy. He has an amazing eye. I don't know that I have his talent for design, but I had a ball doing this. In fact, it is kind of addictive, so you will probably be seeing lots more photo pairs.


Ginny said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures.

Beth said...

Thank you, Ginny, for visiting my blog. My friend Silke gets half the credit for the photos!

Check back, because I am definitely going to do photo pairing again!

Silke said...

Very cool, Beth! I love how you paired them!! You definitely had the more difficult job - all I had to do was send you some photos... You definitely get most of the credit!! :) Silke

Beth said...

Silke, I'm glad you like the way these turned out!! It was a blast doing this, and it would not have been the same if I had been using only my photos. Having someone else's perspective, via their photos, really makes for an interesting composition -- so thank you!